Eva D'Luscious

High Priestess of Tease

High Priestess of Tease and International Burlesque Performer Eva D’Luscious covers act development, including storytelling through dance, principles of musicality, choreography and stage presence, how to break down music and her 3Ps of Striptease.

Luna Phaze

High Priestess of Fluff

Hailing from the sexy side of the moon, Luna Phaze mystifies audiences wherever she goes. Luna has always had a passion for self-improvement and building confidence from within. She loves to help women tap into their inner confidence, overcome self-doubt and find their personal brand of shine. 

Vanity Thorn

High Priestess of Glam

As the High Priestess of Glam for Showgirl Temple, Vanity Thorn brings 10+ years of work in the beauty and fashion industry to create workshops accessible to all levels of learners. Her focus is the demystification of high glamour, so that all students may adopt the knowledge of their innate sexuality. 

Ri Ri SynCyr

High Priestess of Glam